15 Minute Free Discovery Call

Traditional Life Strategies Coaching available for any need

30 Min session $75
60 Min Session $150

Book a 60 Minute Strategy 

Call for Grief or Trauma Coaching $97

Week Intro to Grief Management $800

This program helps you to understand your grief we meet on a weekly basis. You will have assignments to complete. You will understand how grief works in your life and how to manage it not get over it.

8 Week Grief Management Guidance $1000 

This program will expound on the intro to grief program introduce you to journaling we will meet twice a week you will learn how to handle your grief in a healthy productive manner

12 Week Grief Management Lifestyle $1500

 In this program we will meet three times a week you will learn how to handle your triggers, holidays what is connected to your grief and how to manage all of those in a way that your life flows so that your grief no longer overwhelms you and takes you into depression and sorrow.

12 Week Program Walk out of your Traumas $1800

This is a comprehensive program that involves meeting three times a week, extensive homework, journaling, truth telling, feeling writing.  You will learn how to walk away from your trauma and leave it behind you and be able to live in a healthy mindset so that you can live a productive amazing life.



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