What does God have waiting for you???

I felt super stressed. Everything was changing but I wasn’t seeing the money or the kudos, I was truly feeling some type of way.  I had done what all the experts had told me to do minus a few things I had procrastinated on.. I wasn’t harboring friendships I was simply on my own ship with a few business buddies that were blowing up like fire while i sat in my own embers. I had five jobs in five years. The city I lived in had a horrible unstable job market but since they were a big city no one talked about it. I came to understand I was severely depressed. I had moved here to make a life, my retirement life and everything had gone left the entire time. My business sat still the entire first year, money literally going up in smoke. I looked for tears but there were none. I spoke to God pretty regularly, I was like dude ummm hey down here can you tell me whats up?
What did God finally tell me??  I was helping everyone but me. I was depressed because I honestly thought they would love me back on some level. But they didn’t. I don’t expect anything when I give, that’s just who I am. I guess I just wanted some connection. God told me stop worrying about the money it will come. He told me to give myself the kudos so I did. He told me success was waiting at my feet and go on and brush my shoulders off so that my abundance could flow in. Abundance in every way. So that is what I did.
I stopped procrastinating out of fear of going to the next level. I decided to take a quickie getaway to clear my head. As much as I love other people I decided all my help had to go towards my goals, my life, my family, my finances and my success. I began to really pray not by rote or what I had learned but what was in my heart.
i had to get more aggressive with what I wanted out of my life and my business. I had to stop playing soft and safe and thinking that was the best route. I had to get over monies lost. It takes money to make money and shysters are everywhere, time to forgive and move forward.
Bigger Fish To Fry Coaching was reborn 2 years in the game, live Instagram talk show every Friday , monthly newsletter, new website,speaking all over the world, classes, magazine, change of coaching focus to what God wanted me to do. My purpose was made anew and I began to walk, talk and activate all things that God has waiting for me.

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