The Process of Coming Into Your Own

How long you going to cry about you? How long is it going to be everyone else’s fault but your own? When are you going to take ownership of you? How much more can someone else do for you that you need to be doing yourself. There are only so many classes you can take. There are only so many webinars you can watch. Only so many conferences you can go to. ‘Cause guess what you have to take responsibility. You are the on that has to take action for your life.
You want to lose weight there is no magic substitute for diet and exercise even if you get a BBL/Tummy Tuck do you know that there are exercises and diets you have to follow to maintain the look?
If you are happy with your weight own it, stop lying about wanting to lose weight, go buy the right clothes that compliment you and move on!
You want to be around people stop hanging on to the losers in your current circle and level up.
If you know you like the messy, gossipy, crazy people in your circle stop fronting and kick it with those like minded people.
You want to get closer with God dump the church rhetoric, learn what is real from the Bible and go on a spiritual quest and journey to find God on your terms.
If you are scared to step away from the church, keep going, keep getting emptily fulfilled and wonder why you never feel blessed.
Tired of the wrong relationships?/ Go to counseling fix you and guess what you will attract brand new.
Yes you have to have someone help you to change we can’t do it alone.
If you alternatively like messy boots relationships and the drama they by all means do you, just be real with yourself.
Coming into your own definitively takes a lot of work. Best believe it will be the hardest thing that you ever had to do. You will have to put in the work everyday 7 days a week 24 hours a day to become the person you have always dreamed of being. Stop worrying about money, dreams and what you want. Start making a real plan to become the best version of you and all those things will be added. Will you fall back, hell yes. Will you come back again and again yes. There is no level of perfection you need to reach. There is a level of joy and happiness when you walk into who God made you to be which allows you to walk in your purpose.
Come into your own, let you smile be real, let your light shine and be who you were always meant to be!
Also be truthful with yourself, once you do that (it may be harsh and rough) everything will fall into place.
Eleanor Marguerite Ward
Certified Life Strategies Coach
Grief Coach Specialist

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