The Holiday Season is Upon Us

This is the hardest time of the year for many. Why you ask? Well some have grief of loved ones they miss. Some go to deal with families that treat them badly. Some have to deal with heavy trauma within their family that stays silent. Some are simply alone. We think that people who are popular or seem to have it all believe it or not are often spending the majority of their time alone. These people are typically popular loners, they know a lot of people and people know them but they are not truly close to anyone and often spend holidays alone not necessarily by choice.
Families heavy on silent trauma are the worst. You are never to say anything even if the trauma happened to you by the family member that everyone is covering up for. Having to sit through dinners and holidays with these people is a form of torture. Most people in these families do not have the strength or self esteem to stand up for themselves and the cycle keeps going.
Some families are just pickers meaning they pick you apart no matter how well you are doing or what you are doing.  Of course lastly is the person dealing with grief, missing parents or another important family member and for them it will never be the same.
My best suggestion is to get a grief/trauma coach like me.
Get your self esteem, life and yourself on track. Have a friendsgiving, or a friendsmas and let people know you will no longer be participating in anything that hurts you, doesn’t serve you or makes you uncomfortable.
Get out for the holiday, go serve at a soup kitchen, take a chance and invite someone out or over that you never have before, you never know that person may be alone as well.
Enjoy your holiday you deserve it!!
Eleanor Marguerite Ward
Certified Life Strategies Coach
Grief Coach Specialist

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