I remember when I had the continual Resting Bitch Face
I actually liked it. It kept me from wrinkles and I didn’t have to ever show emotions about anything. It was great.  At least I thought it was. Especially in the time frame and mindset that I was in.
Then the 40 something year old teeth set in, My teeth started shifting and moving around, they looked awful, so that was another reason to not smile. OH and by the way aging is a real bitch. (I’m saved yall but i cuss a lil)
What did I need to do? I was sick of looking mean all the time. I actually went in search of my smile. That was one of the hardest accomplishments in my life. I not only didn’t see a reason to smile, I felt I didn’t have one. See smiling through the pain is not real. The only way to have a genuine smile is to find things to be happy about in good seasons and bad ones.
So I did just that. I started to smile. At first it was glued in place and I was still very unhappy inside. Then I kept smiling a little more each day until it became a part of my day. Then it became a part of my life. I could laugh when people pissed me off. I shook off a hella of a lot of things that would have probably led me to knock you upside your head back in the day or simply go off on you.
I think my Smile Shines pretty bright. I know there is actual joy behind my smile, whether I have a good day or bad day when I smile. I understand that no one can take away the joy that my smile can bring. Yes I have smile lines and forehead wrinkles now but I think it’s worth it. Joy is so much better than pain.
Keep Smilin’
Coach E

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