This week I gave license to a hater. A person that doesn’t even talk to me yet had the nerve to be critical of my work. I didn’t really have the time or energy to waste on it as I had many positive things going on. In my heart, I kept saying why give license to it?  I was sick of it. Haters are weak minded individuals that hate when others go after what they want and actually begin to achieve their goals. We say that they motivate, intimidate, etc, etc. Honestly they spend the bulk of their waking moments being petty, selfish and critical of other people.
It took me the whole week to calm down about what they had said about me. I don’t believe that we shouldn’t know what others say about us. I don’t think we need to inquire but we also need to understand who our enemies are. As much as we say it isn’t our business, what someone says about you can not only destroy your mindset but actually destroy all that you have worked so hard for.
What I had to do was stop and pray for God to take the negative thing they said off my mind. It wasn’t motivating it was truly, simply distracting. What God helped me to realize is that Haters don’t seek you personally out. They actually seek out anyone that is fruitful, dreamy and hustling to make things happen in their lives. So yes you may be singled out but I guarantee they are hating on more than just you.
Haters are unhappy with their lives, their situations and simply their being. Haters can have more than you. Haters can look like they have amazing lives yet are horribly miserable. Haters are envious, jealous and unkind. Don’t let the haters be your motivators. Ignore them when you can. Address them only if you have too and yes sometimes you will need to address their madness. They will eventually move on to make the next person miserable as misery loves company.
Be strong in your accomplishments. Be strong in your joy. Be strong in your Journey.
Coach E

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