Being You

The hardest thing that you will ever have to do is be you. Society beats us down to be less than who we are so that we will be malleable, easily disciplined, focused on senseless rules and regulations vs our dreams.
This way we stay average never becoming amazing people. Yes it should be the opposite. We should know that we are incredible as individuals but society beats that out of us. So that we become group like with the same type of thinking, even though we are all drastically different with unique gifts.
People are saying they are sick of mindset and all the transformational things that are going on. Ignore the naysayers. We are in the boom of society changing. We are in the time of people searching and finding their purpose. People no longer wanting to be lumped together and not be all that they can be. People wanting to get out of the rat race and become artists, musicians, whatever their hearts desire.

I say to you today become part of the Revolution!! Be all that you are. Make your own corporation, open your own small business, worship in the Himalayas, travel the world, life coach till the wheels fall off. Be the sculptor, minister, chef, builder, architect of your life. It won’t pass this way again.

Coach E

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