Bigger Fish to Fry

Bigger Fish to Fry

Bigger Fish to Fry is Faith Based using God and the Bible as our basis for everything Eleanor Ward is a Certified Life Strategies Coach through Spencer Institute.

She also holds a BA in Counseling Psychology Eleanor has dealt with loss of her husband, her child.

Eleanor has experienced loss of everything financially and emotionally.

All these things allow her to have great empathy towards others on the road to life revitalization and having to start over unexpectedly and unknowingly. All this lead her to become a LIFE COACH.


The Ultimate Goal of Bigger Fish to Fry Coaching is to help you revitalize and renew your life. Strategize and make realistic life plans through prayer, connecting with God and finding your ultimate self. Because Remember you have Bigger Fish to Fry!!

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Bigger Fish to Fry offers Life Strategies Coaching

Strategies to Enhance Your Life

Strategies to Rejuvenate your life

Strategies to Transform and start your life over

Strategies to take your life to the next level


Divine Diva of God Workshops

For women who have self-confidence, self esteem issues . This workshop helps you to better understand yourself through prayer and postive affirmations. It also helps you to look at who you have around you in order to attract people who live through upliftment and light It gives you a positive way to look at yourself and your connection with God.

Bigger Fish to Fry also offers mobility to come to others in need of life coaching through travel, telephone,
skype and email.

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