Eleanor Ward has risen like a Phoenix from all the horrific things life has thrown at her. She has battled grief, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts,continuous unemployment and found her way back from them all. She has managed to carve out an amazing life helping others when their worlds come crashing down so that they can get back up and do all they were purposed in this life to do.

Eleanor completely understands fear, being in a stuck state and missing out on opportunity when it comes calling. Once she understood that nothing and no one could stop her from fulfilling her purpose God had for her, she completely turned her life around.

Eleanor devotes her life to helping others find their «Fresh Start» and completely renew their life through her programs, coaching and speaking.

Eleanor is a Fresh Start Expert who delivers high energy keynote presentations that challenges audiences to maintain their focus and pay attention to what matters most in their lives. Audiences love her. They describe her as light-hearted, hilarious, empathetic and the busiest bee in the room.

Eleanor earned her MBA from Ashford University. Her strong background in the medical and collegiate world taught her learning development skills and managing small clinical corporate teams with grueling deadlines makes her the perfect fit to push you forward in your transformation to jump start your life.

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